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Friendly & knowledgeable staff and always willing too help when an urgent request is required. Products are of a top quality.

Prowire Commercial Vehicle Solutions

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Salamander AV would recommend LA Distribution as "The one-stop shop" for all our vehicle electrical requirements, staff are always friendly and helpful.

Salamander Amphibious Vehicles
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We at McCreath Taylors have been dealing with LA Distribution for over ten years and have always found them to be not only a reliable supplier but one that is prepared to go that extra mile to help. In our industry we find vehicle manufacturers often change components without any warning to us, this may be as a result of new products being available or on cost issues. We have found LA to be able to source these new items.. they are prepared to work with us to find what we need, and thus help keep us up to date with technology.

David Johnston - McCreath Taylors
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We have used LA Distribution from the beginning and have never felt the need to go elsewhere.
A first class outfit with very knowledgable staff and everything we need to run our business.

Greenaway Auto Electrics
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We have been customers with LA Distribution from the very start for the simple reason that they provide a fast, efficient and reliable service with parts you can rely on. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful which also helps!

Hoy & Crowe Auto Electrics
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How is HID different? 

Xenon HID lighting provides around three times the light output of standard halogen headlights while using over 50% less energy, saving on fuel consumption.  HID lights are designed to last up to 10 times longer than standard halogen lamps.

Xenon HID Bulbs provide:

  • 300% more light: earlier recognition of road hazards

With a longer and wider beam pattern that projects trice the amount of light on the road, Xenon lamps provide a better overall view of the road and the ability to see upcoming objects quickly and more clearly, cyclists, pedestrians, and road workers to name but a few. 

At highway speeds, xenon lights give you up to a full second more time to safely react to road hazards.xenon vs halogen


  • Brilliant daylight white light: better reflection of road signs and marking

The risk of having an accident at night is about twice as high as during the day - despite the fact that there is less traffic on the road.  Humans are inadequately equipped to see at night or in poor weather conditions.  The clear white light produced from xenon is close to that of daylight so traffic signs, produces less glare and road markings light up clearer, better than conventional lighting.


Xenon vs Halogen Bulbs



What’s different between AC (legal) and DC (illegal) conversion kit?

Our AC Type HID Kits are made to the highest standard and come with a full 12 month guarantee.

There are a lot of sellers offering cheaper and dangerous kits and the DC output ballast and bulb on the market is one example of this.  Below is a brief chart to explain.



Most modern European cars will have Canbus systems as standard so it makes sense to buy our kits as you will have no extra relays to install.  If your car needs bulb holders we will supply them free & if you need technical assistance on the phone we will be happy to help.  Our Ultimate Performance ballasts have CE mark and tested to E13 standard and are very compact in size.  The ballasts in the kit have integrated Canbus microprocessors which will prevent OBC errors such as flickering, cut outs and will prevent the bulb failure warning light to come on.


We offer HID conversion kits in various colour temperatures. The lower the K number the more light it produces on the road:
Ultra white - available only with some of our kits.  Very bright
White with a hint of blue, gives a gorgeous light and is our most popular kit.
A strong touch of blue this colour is popular with the car mod crew who want to stand out from the crowd
12000K Almost purple this produces little light on the road but is good for car shows etc. Only available by special order


Check out the full HID Xenon Range >