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Friendly & knowledgeable staff and always willing too help when an urgent request is required. Products are of a top quality.

Prowire Commercial Vehicle Solutions

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Salamander AV would recommend LA Distribution as "The one-stop shop" for all our vehicle electrical requirements, staff are always friendly and helpful.

Salamander Amphibious Vehicles
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We at McCreath Taylors have been dealing with LA Distribution for over ten years and have always found them to be not only a reliable supplier but one that is prepared to go that extra mile to help. In our industry we find vehicle manufacturers often change components without any warning to us, this may be as a result of new products being available or on cost issues. We have found LA to be able to source these new items.. they are prepared to work with us to find what we need, and thus help keep us up to date with technology.

David Johnston - McCreath Taylors
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We have used LA Distribution from the beginning and have never felt the need to go elsewhere.
A first class outfit with very knowledgable staff and everything we need to run our business.

Greenaway Auto Electrics
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We have been customers with LA Distribution from the very start for the simple reason that they provide a fast, efficient and reliable service with parts you can rely on. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful which also helps!

Hoy & Crowe Auto Electrics
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Power Inverters

What can a power inverter do and what can I use one for?

A power inverter converts DC power into conventional AC power which can run all kinds of household products such as: kitchen appliances, microwaves, power tools, TVs, radios, computers and more. You just connect the inverter to a battery, and plug your AC devices into the inverter and you've got power on the go.
Power Inverter


How do Power Inverters Work?

Two factors determine how a power inverter works: wave output and wattage output.  Wave output describes the physical appearance of electrical signals as they move across an oscilloscope.  Square waves appear exactly as their name specifies: like squares on a grid.  Pure sine waves, also called true sine waves, appear as visible waves on the screen.  
Sine wave car power inverters work better than square wave power inverters when uninterrupted power flow is a critical issue.  In fact, true sine output is sometimes slightly superior to that of public utility power grids!  Because of this, they are also the most expensive devices of their kind on the market.  
Recent advances in technology have accommodated users on a budget with a hybrid design generally referred to as either a modified square or modified sine wave power inverter.  The technical differences that determine how a true sine car power inverter works and how a modified sine power inverter works are too minor to produce any noticeable effects with standard electronics.  Only the most high-end equipment requires true sine output, and the cost of these devices may justify the additional investment in pure sine technology to deliver maximum quality and reliable performance.