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Friendly & knowledgeable staff and always willing too help when an urgent request is required. Products are of a top quality.

Prowire Commercial Vehicle Solutions

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Salamander AV would recommend LA Distribution as "The one-stop shop" for all our vehicle electrical requirements, staff are always friendly and helpful.

Salamander Amphibious Vehicles
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We at McCreath Taylors have been dealing with LA Distribution for over ten years and have always found them to be not only a reliable supplier but one that is prepared to go that extra mile to help. In our industry we find vehicle manufacturers often change components without any warning to us, this may be as a result of new products being available or on cost issues. We have found LA to be able to source these new items.. they are prepared to work with us to find what we need, and thus help keep us up to date with technology.

David Johnston - McCreath Taylors
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We have used LA Distribution from the beginning and have never felt the need to go elsewhere.
A first class outfit with very knowledgable staff and everything we need to run our business.

Greenaway Auto Electrics
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We have been customers with LA Distribution from the very start for the simple reason that they provide a fast, efficient and reliable service with parts you can rely on. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful which also helps!

Hoy & Crowe Auto Electrics
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What is OKO Punture Free Tyre Sealant?

OKO Puncture Free Concentrate Tyre Sealant is an advanced chemical solution specially formulated and designed to seal holes instantaneously in the tread area of a pneumatic tyre as the tyre is revolving, thereby eliminating the problem of tyre deflation.
The environmentally safe solution comprises specially treated materials of the highest grade. The OKO Puncture Free product contains a rust inhibitor for anti-corrosion purposes, adhesion agents, gums and preservatives. These materials together with secret constituents and solids are held in suspension to provide a carefully engineered matrix.
OKO Puncture Free has been designed to function at normal, low and high temperatures without suffering any separation, freezing, balling up and deterioration


HOW OKO WORKS                                              

Depending upon the tyre size, a pre-defined quantity of OKO Puncture Free is applied to the tyre and/ or inner tube via the valve system.

After application, OKO Puncture Free will remain as a reservoir at the bottom of the motionless tyre. As the vehicle is driven and the tyre revolves, the thixotropic nature (thinning out when put into motion) of OKO Puncture Free will cause the product to coat the inner surface of the tyre. Due to centrifugal forces  Concentrate OKO Puncture Free will move around the tyre interior providing a main body of sealant protective, ready to seal any hole.
When a puncturing object pierces the tread area of the tyre, air pressure forces the OKO product into the hole where the tyre sealant compresses to form a permanent airtight seal. The sealing action is virtually instantaneous and minimal air pressure is lost.
OKO Tyre Sealant remains inside the tyre and/ or the inner tube ready to seal further holes as they occur.
OKO Puncture Free will seal multiple punctures so that tyres may remain fully operational for longer, even in severe environments.
Tyre Sealant - OKO Puncture Free Logo
Available in the following:
Car Tyre Sealant
Tyre Sealant for Off Road Vehicles
Tyre Sealant for Motorbikes
Tyre Sealant for Bikes
Tyre Sealant for Quads & ATVs